To join the BMDCO, please complete and submit a New Membership Application by clicking on the button below. At the next general meeting, club members will vote on your application. Note that it may take a month or two for your membership to be voted on, as we have six general meetings per year. New members must have 2 current BMDCO club members to sponsor their membership. 

If you are not already a member, you need to complete the New Membership Form. If you pay for membership without submitting an application, we are not able to process your membership request.

Want to meet a sponsor? We recommend attending BMDCO events, speaking with people showing Berners at dog shows and/or attending Meet the Breed events. If you’re in Oregon, you’re sure to meet BMDCO club members.

Review membership types below carefully before submitting your application. Questions? Contact

If you'd like to support the work of BMDCO with a contribution, your support is welcomed. BMDCO contributions are not tax-deductible.