What is draft?

Some dogs are part of a class called working dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs are in this class with other breeds. Bernese and other dogs have a long history of drafting. What is drafting? It's pulling a loaded cart. 

Traditionally, Bernese were dairy dogs that hauled milk and cream from farm to dairy, sometimes accompanied by a person and sometimes alone. Draft tests today honor this tradition and allow Bernese and other drafting dogs to work in concert with their owners to showcase their skills. 

 BMDCA Draft Tests

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Draft Tests are a series of exercises designed to develop and demonstrate the natural abilities of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs in a working capacity involving hauling. The Bernese Mountain Dog has historically functioned as a draft dog in various capacities, and performance of these exercises is intended to demonstrate skills resulting from both inherent ability and training which are applicable to realistic work situations. Efficiency in accomplishment of tasks is essential. It is also desirable that the dog evidence willingness and enjoyment of his work in a combination of controlled teamwork with his handler and natural independence.

You can find more information about BMDCA draft tests and associated regulations online.

 Drafting with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Oregon

The BMDCO holds annual draft tests. For 2023, the draft tests were held June 2, 3, and 4th, at Willamette Mission Park.

Stay tuned for more information about 2024 Draft tests.