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We are very serious about Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue.  Berners are a wonderful breed who will repay our love and attention with a lifetime of hard work, devotion and trust. We believe that it is important that Bernese Mountain Dogs live with people who are committed to providing their dogs with the best possible life. Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog is a special priviledge that carries a responsibility to ensure that our dogs live in circumstances that allow them to develop the best qualities of this noble breed. Therefore, our club actively sponsors rescue activities. 

If you know of a Bernese Mountain Dog in our region who needs rescue or you are interested in helping please contact our Rescue Coordinator: Renee Hoem.
If you are interested in obtaining a rescue dog, please fill out our Rescue Application.  You can either attach it to an email and send it to our Rescue Coordinator or "snail-mail" it to the address on the last page of the application.  You will need Acrobat Reader for this pdf file.

A Happy Rescue Story

It will soon be a year since Tucker (Ben) joined our family. As you can see by the picture, he has filled out and looks beautiful. He has continued to improve each month. I don't think he will ever stop being nervous with new situations but he does calm down more quickly now. He goes to the groomer and is a "perfect gentleman", the vet can pet him, ANYONE can pet him at home if he is in his bed and they approach slowly. He does "run away" for a few yards with new people or dogs but then comes to my side and stays there. He really is curious about people now. I can take him anywhere off lead and he "minds" me just fine. His attitude of "wanting to please" is so sweet.
We left him with a teenager for overnight, here at the house, and after a few hours and a walk they were great friends! He and Laver, our Lab, are the best of buddies. It's so fun to watch them play. Tucker seems to be aware of his size and is so very gentle.
Thank you again for giving us the chance to give this wonderful dog a home.

When Ben was first taken into rescue, he was extremely timid and fearful of people.  He was very thin and almost looked like a Berner-Irish Setter cross. He had been kept isolated as a livestock guard dog.  It is heartwarming to know how he's grown to be a "normal" Berner.  The pictures below are from October 2011 before he was rehomed, and from October 2012 in his forever home.  Rescue has made a huge difference in his life and this is why the BMDCO participates in this very important activity.

Frequently Asked Questions:




What is rescue? A "rescue dog" is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog that has been placed in a shelter, is a stray, has been abandoned or no longer can be cared for by the owner of record or caretaker. A "rehomed" dog is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog that can no longer remain with its owner of record or caretaker and will be placed directly into a foster or permanent home. "Placement" is the process through which a dog is placed in a new home.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are such beautiful dogs! Why would a Berner need to be rescued? As Bernese Mountain Dogs become more popular, more and more people are drawn to this wonderful breed. Unhappily, many of these people do not understand the challenges of living with a large breed dog until it becomes too much for them to handle. When the reality of owning a 100 pound dog becomes overwhelming many owners recognize that they cannot meet the responsibility. This is when the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Oregon steps in.

Should I expect any special challenges with a rescued Berner?  The short answer is YES. Plan to spend a lot of time helping your new Berner adjust to a new home and family. Some rescue dogs have temperament issues such as shyness that may require extra efforts to overcome.  Others may have health problems that require special attention. Our rescue coordinator will work with you to ensure that you understand your dog's special needs. The BMDCO is committed to helping you meet any challenges you may face with your rehomed Berner. Your hard work will be repaid with a wonderful companion.

How can I qualify as a rescue home? Educate yourself on the breed, proper dog training, housing and care. Join our club to meet Berner familiies.  Contact our Rescue Coordinator or any of the Board Members. Fill out our rescue information form to help us with placement.

I am not ready to provide a permanent home for a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog but I would like to help. What can I do?  Proving a "forever" home is not for everyone but you can help out in other ways. Assistance is always appreciated for short term foster care, transportation, financial assistance for medical care, placement evaluation, mentoring, training, temperament testing, and education. Contact our rescue coordinator for more information.

Why should I consider providing a home to a rescued Berner? While adopting a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog is not for everyone for those who can step up to the challenge it is a wonderful way to enjoy the breed and help out dogs with special needs.

I've heard that Berners are very loyal to their families. Can an adult Berner adapt to a new home? Berners can do very well in new homes with consistent and loving care.  It can take from three months to a year for your rescued Berner to make the change but once the transition is complete you will have a loyal friend and companion for life.

For more information about rescue please read the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Info Series on Rescue.


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